Wednesday 14 April 2010

you cannot be serious!

The view of 'The Three Graces' from The Maritime Museum in The Albert Dock used to be majestic. The architecture of the historic waterfront buildings is stunning - so what did they do? They built an outrage in black glass (apartments and offices of course) right next to the Port of Liverpool Building and destroyed the wonderful view. Who are the planners who allowed this to happen? How can elected officials get away with this?
The photo below was taken from the same spot in 2006 - little did we know what they were plotting!

Breakfast in Birkenhead

I love the faded, scarred and rust attacked paintwork on the dock bollards here at West Float (just by the Duke Street bridge). In the background is Duke Street Bridge Cafe (the building used to be the Dockmaster's Offices). Call in for an all day breakfast - but don't be tempted with the medium or large! For £2.99 the small breakfast is amazing value - I had bacon, tomato, black pudding, sausage, beans, mushroom, hash brown and egg. Also included is a thick slice of toast and a mug of tea. Surely there can't be a better value breakfast in the whole of Merseyside!

Tuesday 13 April 2010

East Float, Birkenhead

I wonder why someone took the trouble to tie their rubbish onto the chain fence at East Float dock in Birkenhead. Surely those appalling creatures who are happy to leave their garbage behind aren't going to bother securing it to a fence?
The warehouse is East Float Mill - a flour mill that was used as a departure point for emigrants to Australia in the 1850s. It has now been turned into 168 apartments. Approx a kilometre behind the mill is the Mersey. Liverpool's Liver Building and Roman Catholic Cathedral may be picked out by the sharp eyed (just to the right of the mill).

Royston Street - waiting for demolition

This is Royston Street which is being demolished as part of Liverpool's Edge Lane re-development scheme. Notice that all ground floor windows have been bricked up and doors replaced by metal security panels. The top floor windows have all been securely boarded. No one is getting in here before the bulldozers arrive! It seems so sad that these houses (which were among several hundred compulsory purchased properties) have to be replaced by new residential and business facilities. This is how communities die - I wonder if Liverpool will be a better place to live when the planners' vision is realised!

"the buildings look so sad yet so colourful like they have some fight left in them yet" (Ali)