Sunday, 13 June 2010

waiting for the demolition crew

I knew that the demolition of Royston Street was imminent - and expected it to have started when I visited on 12 June. Although it had not begun, the street was blocked off with the skips in place. I managed to gain access through a blown down barrier - it may be the last time I can photograph the street - although I will try and record its demolition if at all possible.

I feel an affinity to Royston St now - I just wish I'd been able to record some of the occupants leaving! Whatever is replacing this attractive terrace can't be better than a full refurbishment of the existing properties would have been - it could have looked wonderful - such a shame! Town planners have a lot to answer for!

In this view of the eastern half of Royston Street (the Dunning Road end) the tower of the closed St Cyprian's church can be seen to the right. Someone has flung a section of orange barrier onto a street light in the adjoining Peet Street (I don't suppose vandalism matters any more in this condemned and deserted part of Edge Hill).

Map :

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