Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lodge Lane

This used to be the site of Edge Hill Public Baths on Lodge Lane - next to Edge Hill Library which is still open. I hear there are plans to redevelop this site, so the derelict landmark building (not itself part of the baths) will probably disappear - I'll make enquiries next time I get chance. I wonder what happened to the roof - vandalism / arson maybe?

When I was photographing it a friendly passerby engaged me in conversation - his name is Bello (left). He was telling me that he is a guitarist when his mate arrived and joined in for the photo. I never got to hear the rest of Bello's tale - maybe another day!


  1. Hi it's Dave Jones here. I met you at the Cairns St market on Saturday. Forgot to tell you about the people who have taken over the Asian supermarket on Lodge Lane - see this link.


  2. thanks Dave - I have visited the supermarket - it's amazing! See my entry for 13th Sept.