Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Wednesday 30th Nov, 2011 saw the biggest one day strike in the UK for a decade. Unions had called members out to support their demands that the government rethink plans to reform public sector pensions. It is claimed that 2 million people went on strike throughout the UK. Two thirds of schools in England were closed (almost all schools were closed in Scotland), 7000 operations were cancelled in hospitals, emergency services couldn't deal with all 999 calls, no buses or trains were running in Northern Ireland ...... the list goes on. David Cameron called the strike "a damp squib" in Parliament. I'm sure he doesn't really think that but if he does then he is SO out of touch. I photographed the strike rally in Liverpool where 15,000 people marched through the city - I was amazed by the turnout at St George's Hall, and the strength of anti-govt feeling. (See how the Prime Minister is portrayed in the Socialist Worker placard below - top photo, r/h side)


  1. I have to say, that second shot is the most telling I think... the vertical crop, the sea of red, one subject looking right into your lens as he seems to lead a chant... love it!

  2. thanks Christine - a Liverpool magazine has used my pics (and words) in its website feature on the event. They have used my pics before - I'm a photo-journalist now!