Saturday, 10 July 2010

they all fall down

This looks like a scene from the WWII blitz. These houses survived the German bombing but couldn't escape the city planners' vision for an improved traffic flow into Liverpool centre 65 years later. This is Edge Lane. The church is St Cyprian's (which I'm told will not be knocked down). I believe a flyover is going to be built where the grand houses of Edge Lane once stood - I will continue to photograph the changes.


  1. shot....what a beautiful church on the corner....maybe something good will come of it although i myself place little faith in today's architects in coming up with something amazing and houses scare me.

  2. St Cyprian's unfortunately looks to be in an increasingly dilapidated condition, it appears to have lost quite a few roof slates and the round stainglass windows are smashed. I hope someone can save the building!

  3. Hi Alan,

    How might I contact you with regards to getting permission to use this photograph in a photography exhibition in Ye Cracke's War Room? My email address is if it is easier for you to get in contact with me this way.

    Many thanks!