Wednesday, 14 April 2010

you cannot be serious!

The view of 'The Three Graces' from The Maritime Museum in The Albert Dock used to be majestic. The architecture of the historic waterfront buildings is stunning - so what did they do? They built an outrage in black glass (apartments and offices of course) right next to the Port of Liverpool Building and destroyed the wonderful view. Who are the planners who allowed this to happen? How can elected officials get away with this?
The photo below was taken from the same spot in 2006 - little did we know what they were plotting!


  1. I love the unreal look of the white building - seems like stage scenery - behind the solidity of the real world in front! Lovely colour contrast too. That lifebelt is a stunner!
    (Seen thanks to Jane!)

  2. That's shocking! The earlier shot is beautiful. I love the flash of red against the other soft colours, and it's such a serene view. The new black glass just blocks off that stylish and balanced building. Boo! I'm glad you got a shot before they spoiled it though.

  3. Shocking. That's appalling. I love your earlier shot though, the way the colour is so vivid close to the front, then becomes more hazy and soft as it fades into the distance.